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Novelto™ Quick Push Game Machine

Novelto™ Quick Push Game Machine

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential with the Decompression Puzzle Game

A fun and engaging game that helps children improve their problem-solving skills and enhances their overall cognitive abilities. By completing puzzles of varying difficulty levels, children can improve their focus, attention to detail, and strategic thinking.

Discover the Power of Play: Decompression Puzzles for Kids!

Play is an essential part of childhood development, and decompression puzzles provide the perfect opportunity for kids to engage in playful learning. As they solve puzzles, children develop their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, which can benefit them academically and in everyday life.

Brain-Boosting Fun for Kids: The Decompression Puzzle Game!

Studies show that regular engagement with brain-teasing activities like puzzles can enhance cognitive function in children. By playing the decompression puzzle game, kids can improve their memory retention, problem-solving abilities, and spatial reasoning skills while having fun.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry!

 The Pop game machine is lightweight, can be carried with you, and kids can play by themselves, or they can play with other partners. Suitable for multi-scene use, the squeeze toys are not only suitable for children but also for adults, helping to relieve stress and create a fun atmosphere.

Wide Range of Applications!

Pop game machines are suitable for a variety of scenes, such as children’s parties, adult meetings, daily work, and life, etc., suitable for a wide range of people, suitable for normal people, and also suitable for autistic patients.


Material: ABS+ silicone

Size: 13*5.8*10.1cm


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